Inspired by 8bit game characters, turn yourselves into a game hero (you do not have to convert yourselves into 8bit illustrations, but you can if you have the time…) I am allowing you to ILLUSTRATE / CREATE your own characters if you are comfortable with drawing. These characters must be 100% personal, and your own design (I do not want to see copies of Pokemons, or Yugi Ohs, or any preexisting references)

Event handling
Animating sprites ex using css



Create a sprite sheet sheet with:
• 5 different poses ( running, flying, jumping, walking, rolling, etc.) each one of them with 8 animated instances
• Use the same grid spacing ( 300x300px max) It does not have to be square, but make sure that every animation cell is exactly the same size throughout the sprite sheet
• I suggest recording a video on a green or neutral screen, with the 8 different poses. Select the 8 most representative video frames for each gesture, clean them and resize them in Photoshop, then create a TRANSPARENT PNG Sprite Sheet.
• YOU CANNOT USE SOMEONE ELSE’S SPRITE SHEET! It must be 100% your creation: those of you who can illustrate, use your own illustrations. You can animate your own character in 3D and export each pose from Maya. Those of you who want to use a more realistic approach, use a photo image sequence / frame sequence from a video
• Animate the sprite sheet using Javascript on the canvas Object. Provide a context for the animation.

Steph Bono
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Student Examples
Butler || Girard || Jarvis || Jeshcke || Posse || Kalista || Stolworthy || Wiggle


Walking Cycle examples